Review Samsung Galaxy M14 – How much is it and is it good?

review samsung m14

Surely the phone-loving community is looking forward to the topic of review Samsung M14 detail. This is a phone that attracts users from its design, chipset to the features it possesses. Follow the article below for more details!

Review Samsung Galaxy M14: Is the review good?

Here are a few Samsung Galaxy M14 reviews that you can refer to if you want to own this phone:

Trendy design, modern and square design

The design of Samsung Galaxy M14 is highly appreciated by users when it possesses extremely delicate lines that are curved at 4 corners. The manufacturer also pays attention to the back and frame of the machine, making the overall product have a modern design, in line with the trend.

review samsung m14 about design

The camera part of the phone is also slightly upgraded by Samsung. Specifically, the camera part will not protrude outside or be placed in the frame. Users will have a monolithic, seamless feeling when seeing the product. In addition, high-quality and durable materials are also used to create the frame and back of the device.

IPS LCD panel for sharp display

The panel that Samsung Galaxy M14 is equipped with is an extremely modern IPS LCD with a size of 6.6 inches and FullHD + resolution. This allows users to experience a most realistic and vivid picture.

IPS LCD panel for sharp display

The screen’s 90Hz refresh rate provides a smooth and vivid display. The teardrop camera style is also used in the design of the product screen. So users will have a phone with wider visibility.

Chipset offers outstanding configuration

Samsung Galaxy M14 has been improved by the manufacturer in terms of chipset compared to its predecessor. The performance of the device is enhanced with the Exynos 1330 chip manufactured by Samsung. This processor brings powerful, smooth to the phone and minimizes lag and jerky.

Review Samsung M14 about Chipset

In addition, this phone line is also built by Samsung with a battery capacity of up to 6000mAh. This is an impressive battery capacity that helps users to comfortably experience the product for a long time. In particular, the product is also provided with a 25W charger to save time on charging the device.

What is the price of Samsung Galaxy M14? When to debut?

Although it has not been announced, we can rely on the price of the previous Samsung Galaxy M13 to predict. It is very likely that Samsung Galaxy M14 will own a price of 5.28 million VND (about 8,299 UAH) for the 4GB RAM version, 64GB ROM and 5.73 million VND (about 8,999 UAH) with 4GB RAM, 128GB ROM version.

How much is the price of Samsung Galaxy M14

Although information from 2022 has been leaked, it was not until early March 2023 that Samsung launched this Galaxy M14 product in Ukraine. So perhaps a short time later this phone will be docked in Vietnam.

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Above is the Review article Samsung M14 For fans who are interested in this product. This is a new phone in the mid-range segment with many highly appreciated features and designs. If you are a fan of Samsung, you should definitely not miss this new product.

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