Virtual reality glasses could be Apple’s big failure

Several unnamed Apple employees said they were skeptical about the chances of success of the company’s upcoming virtual reality headset.

According to FTApple will announce AR / VR virtual reality glasses during the WWDC event in early June. The company has been researching this product since 7 years ago but encountered some technical problems, so the project was constantly delayed.

However, according to New York Times, Eight Apple employees expressed skepticism about the product. They said the company had failed to assemble staff to support the project. Some people have left the Apple Glass development team because they do not believe the product will be attractive enough for customers. Others were fired for not developing VR features in time, like Siri support.

Image of Apple's virtual reality glasses.  Photo: AppleInsider.

Image of Apple’s virtual reality glasses. Image: AppleInsider

Apple Glass is also considered to be more attractive to businesses than individual users. Unlike the iPhone, iPad or Watch, Apple itself is not very optimistic about virtual reality headset sales. The company only expects to sell one million glasses in the first 12 months. The reason is that this complex device is expected to cost up to $3,000, three times more expensive than the Meta Quest Pro glasses.

The three uses of the glasses are to use them in online meetings, edit photos and videos in 3D, and act as a personal TV theater. The company is even working with Hollywood filmmakers to develop content for the device. Expert Mark Gurman of Bloomberg Apple Inc. said Apple gave a private demonstration of its virtual reality headset to its board of directors last week.

Leaked information shows that the first-generation Apple Glass will have a 4K screen, camera and eye-tracking sensor, and its own processor chip to help the product work independently. Apple is also developing a second generation of glasses at a cheaper price point.

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